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Distress Options

Alder Distress

Our alder distress is available in light, medium, or heavy. Every item built in alder is standard in “medium distress” unless stated otherwise. Autumn, Nutmeg, Brandy, and Butternut are all standard in Tavern Medium.

Bausman Light Distress on Cactus
Bausman Medium Distress on Cactus
Bausman Heavy Distress on Cactus
Hi Lo with Medium
Hi-Lo Planking with Medium Distress on Vineyard

Walnut Distress

Items ordered in Walnut are available in Walnut Medium Distress or 4000 Extra Heavy Distress (25% up-charge and dull-rub sheen). Items that specify "standard in light distress" will be made in standard Walnut Distress when built in walnut, as walnut distress is lighter on the physical distress.

Walnut Medium
Walnut Medium Distress on American Walnut

4000 Extra Heavy Distress

The 4000 Marseille Collection is standard in this distress. Both alder and walnut items from other series may be ordered in this distress for a 25% up-charge. Items built with this distress will receive "dull rub" sheen.

4000 Extra Heavy
4000 Series Extra Heavy Distress on American Walnut

Tavern Distress

Tavern distress appears slightly heavier than Bausman standard medium due to the extra glaze and "cowtails." Tavern distress is available on all standard alder finishes for no upcharge.

Tavern Distress on Brandy

Weathered Distress

Weathered Distress provides a very worn look. This distress is available on alder for no up-charge. All finishes with Weathered Distress will receive "dull rub" sheen.

Weathered Distress on Stripped Pine

5800 Distress

This distress option is meant to give the piece a crude appearance. The "driftwood" appearance is created using oak, which has a hardwood winter growth and softer summer growth, and removing some of the softer wood through a unique process. The final product is waxed and finished with a catalyzed varnish, rather than lacquered. This option is available only on certain pieces, and only in oak.

5800 Southwestern
5800 Distress on Driftwood
(This level of distress is difficult to appreciate without seeing it in use. Please visit the 5800 series to get a better idea of the look and feel of this distress.)