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Painted Motifs

Custom work is available. Contact your showroom or representative for a quote.

Images below may not show accurate colors. These images are a guide for available designes and do not guarantee color accuracy.

Below you will see standard motifs used in the Bausman line. We offer these designs on a Pompeii background for a 25% up-charge. This includes the Pompeii, which on its own is a 20% up-charge finish. The basic designs are created using stencils and then finished by hand, therefore the dimensions listed next to each item are important, as some motifs will not fit on some panels.


Pompeii with 803 Ivy

Pompeii with 803 Ivy

Pompeii with 816 Toulouse

Pompeii with 814 Parisian Swag Panel

815 Parisian Urn Panel

813 Micah