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Caring for Your Finish

Weekly Care: Lemon Polish
Not a speck of Paraffin oil in this product. You can expect a long lasting carnauba wax quality. Spray on and wipe with a clean soft towel. Dries to greaseless finish that will not print.

6-8 Week Care: Wood Cleaner
This cleaner of carnauba wax and turpentine is made expressly for cleaning waxed surface every 6-8 weeks depending on surface build up. This product has been formulated to remove dirt and wax. Apply a thin even coat of wax to the surface with a dry towel. Wipe clean and let dry. Finish with a thin coat of Lemon Polish.

4-6 Month Care: Liquid Paste Wax
Follow wood cleaner procedures. Less Lemon Polish, then work a liberal amount of liquid paste wax to the surface. Do not allow wax to collect in distressed areas. Once this very protective wax has dried to a film, buff lightly with a dry soft towel.